Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They're Here!

Onion sets and garlic bulbs have arrived from Burpee. The rhubarb is already poking its head above the surface. Planting begins Saturday!


  1. I would love to add onions and garlic to our garden this year. I didn't realize they could be planted this early around here. I obviously still have a lot to learn!!!

  2. Hi Robin!
    What a fun & exciting summer you have in store. It must be a thrill to see the rhubarb coming up already. I ♥ that stuff. Do you do any canning?

  3. Kristen, the onions and garlic say to plant as soon as the soil can be worked.

    Mardell, the only thing I've canned so far were apples I bought at a farm stand. The applesauce was great! I don't grow any fruits (other than rhubarb) and I'm afraid of pressure canners. What do you can?

  4. Make you some freezer jam, and do not worry about pressure canners! I'm a-skeert of 'em, too.

    But now, how are we gonna make pickles and salsa if we don't get over this phobia?