Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Welcome to Reservoir Gardens version 2.1!

See that trellis back there? I built it. Of course my husband had to one up me by asking why I didn't just tie it to the posts with twine instead of my brilliant idea of using his drill, some 2 inch screws and the world's longest extension cord to put it together. Whatever. Just because I already had the twine out to string between the bamboo poles where the green beans are going to grow...

So, yes, it's true, the green beans are planted. They will still have plenty of time to come up. Sixty days from planting will put me at harvest in mid-August right into early fall. No problem.

Behind the peppers we have 3 rows of celery. I planted those seeds today. Okay, I realize that is REALLY late, but I had killed all my seedlings when I started them earlier. I thought I used the entire seed pack when I started indoors, but they just magically turned up yesterday.

Up along the three sections of my beautiful trellis we have eggplant (those seedlings didn't die), butternut squash, and cucumber. I'm okay with it if we don't get the cucumbers. They're just for the husband and even he can't eat that many salads.

Out in front, next to the black, plastic wrapped sections I planted my sugar pumpkins and the giant pumpkins that I promised my stepson. Both varieties are already sprouted in less than a week! More on those tomorrow.

Today I also transplanted some sage to nestle in with the peppers and some garlic into the corner to the right of the trellis. They weren't doing so well over in the herb bed by the house, just a couple rows next to the house weren't getting enough water.

I think I'm finally set with the garden the way it is. So many plans on how to do it better (mostly just do it all SOONER!) next year.


  1. Oh wow Robin! It sure looks great so far! You should be very proud! Have you ever grown celery before? We did when I was a kid. I remember that they were doing really good until one extremely hot day. The stalks wilted so fast it made our heads spin. So I guess you have to be careful as they don't get TOO much hot sun.

  2. I love gardens!! I have never seen celery in the ground. I can't wait to see what it looks like!